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Beslenme ve DiyetNutrition and Dietetics

An important field of science, Nutrition and Dietetics is a discipline utilized by nutrition experts to improve health, prevent diseases, or minimize their impact through the application of food and nutrition knowledge.

Nutrition and Dietetics as a scientific discipline conducts research on the application of diets in health and disease, food preparation, and nutrient intake.

Experts in this field investigate the metabolic and physiological roles of nutrition in the body. Furthermore, in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics, studies are conducted to prevent nutrition-related diseases and their treatments.

What is the aim of the Nutrition and Dietetics program?  

The aim of the Nutrition and Dietetics program is to search for, propose, and implement solutions for improving the country’s dietary patterns in all areas related to nutrition. This includes determining and directing the country’s food and nutrition plans and policies, conducting food analyses, determining the nutritional requirements of different age groups, organizing and managing meal services in institutions providing collective nutrition services, and conducting research and applications in various fields.

The goal is to train Dietitians who follow scientific and ethical values within the framework of international professional standards, ensuring the individual and community’s adequate and balanced nutrition according to universal values, with the aim of protecting, improving, and enhancing the health and quality of life of individuals and communities throughout their lives.

What are the working areas of a Nutrition and Dietetics specialist?

Nutrition and Dietetics specialists are engaged in the fight against one of the biggest problems of our time, which is obesity. Through studies in this field, the aim is to promote healthier eating habits among individuals. Dietitians, who are experts in their field, work within both public and private healthcare sectors to assist people in matters related to diet and healthy eating.